Contoh Soalan Bahasa Inggeris Pembantu Keselamatan KP19

Bahasa Inggeris Pembantu Keselamatan KP19

Anda terpilih untuk menduduki peperiksaan online Pembantu Keselamatan KP19 di Pejabat Ketua Pegawai Keselamatan Kerajaan Malaysia (CSGO)? Tahniah dan pastikan anda tidak sia sia kan peluang ini.

Contoh Soalan Bahasa Inggeris Pembantu Keselamatan KP19

Sebelum admin meneruskan perkongsian, Jemput join Telegram Khas Peperiksaan Pembantu Keselamatan KP19 :

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Seperti anda sedia maklum, peperiksaan Pembantu Keselamatan KP19 ini terbahagi kepada 2 bahagian:

i. Seksyen A : Daya Menyelesaikan Masalah [KLIK]
ii. Seksyen B : Kefahaman Bahasa Inggeris

Sebagai persediaan awal untuk menghadapi peperiksaan ini, saya senaraikan beberapa perkara yang perlu dilakukan oleh semua calon iaitu seperti berikut

1.Semua calon perlu mengetahui format peperiksaan dan mesti bersedia dengan topik soalan yang bakal anda jawab nanti semasa peperiksaan.

2.Perlu menjawab dengan pantas terutama soalan yang melibatkan pengiraan Matematik. Anda perlu memperbanyakkan ulang kaji untuk topik ini.

3.Anda perlu mengetahui skop tugas jawatan yang anda pohon iaitu Pembantu Keselamatan KP19 .

Saya sangat mengesyorkan anda dapatkan rujukan peperiksaan ini untuk bantu anda buat persediaan sebelum peperiksaan.

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[+] Contoh Soalan Peperiksaan Pembantu Keselamatan KP19

Penerangan Format Kefahaman Bahasa Inggeris Pembantu Keselamatan KP19

Pelbagai bentuk soalan boleh ditanya. Pilihan jawapan diberikan untuk anda membuat pilihan yang betul.

Apa yang menjadi persoalan adalah, “Apakah jenis-jenis soalan yang boleh ditanya?”. Pada seksyen ini, anda boleh diuji dalam pecahan berikut :

i. Pengertian dan Kefahaman Esei Bahasa Inggeris

Bagi pecahan pengertian dan kefahaman esei Bahasa Inggeris, anda dibekalkan dengan sebuah petikan Bahasa Inggeris dan diberikan pilihan jawapan. Petikan tersebut mungkin pendek dan mungkin panjang.

Bilangan soalan ditanya antara 5-10 soalan bagi menguji kefahaman anda tentang petikan yang diberikan.

ii. Tatabahasa (Grammar) Bahasa Inggeris

Peperiksaan ini boleh menguji anda tentang tatabahasa iaitu penggunaan

  • Noun
  • Pronoun
  • Adjective
  • Verb
  • Adverb
  • Conjunction
  • Interjection
  • Preposition

Persediaan anda disini adalah dengan mengingati kembali sedikit sebanyak pelajaran grammar Bahasa Inggeris.

Contoh Soalan Kefahaman Bahasa Inggeris Pembantu Keselamatan KP19

1. The ______________ has been prompt to react to the crisis.
A. goverment
B. government
C. gavernment
D. governmant

Jawapan B

2. Which of these sentences has wrong prepositions?
A. He picked up the penny from beneath the couch.
B. Side from singing, she also plays the piano at the bar.
C. My car is parked in front of the mailbox.
D. The loud noise came from within the stadium.

Jawapan B

3. Find the best answer for this question, “Could I ask you something personal?”
A. Of course, I can.
B. Yes, I may.
C. Certainly.
D. Yes, you couldn’t.

Jawapan C

Read the passage below carefully. Then, answer the questions that follow. 

Malay food derives its flavor from the use of spices and ingredients such as lemon grass, shallots, ginger, coriander, tamarind and many others. Another ingredient commonly found in Malay cooking is santan ( coconut milk). The milk is squeezed from the flesh of grated coconut. 

The staple food of Malays is rice, boiled to a white fluffy texture and usually served with dishes of meat (chicken or beef), fish and vegetables. Meat and fish are usually fried or prepared as a sambal (chilly paste) or curry dish. As far as Muslims are concerned, the meat used in their cooking must be ‘halal’ (slaughtered according to the Islamic rites).

Malay food is prepared and enjoyed by all races. A staple breakfast favourite is nasi lemak, a simple but satisfying meal of rice cooked in coconut milk with fragrance pandan leaves and accompanied by side dishes such as sambal ikan bilis, boiled egg, peanuts, sliced cucumber, prawns and fried fish. 

The traditional Malay way of eating is by using the right hand. The use of the left hand is considered bad manners. However, those who are comfortable using the fork and spoon may do so if they want to. Using the right hand also applies to giving or receiving things. 

In eating stalls or homes where the hand is used to eat, guests will be provided with a small pot of water to wash their hands before and after the meal. Remember, this water is not for drinking! 
(Adapted from The Langkawi Tourism Newsletter)

1. From the passage below, we know that Malays
A. use flavouring when they cook.
B. use spices in their cooking.
C. eat vegetables everyday.
D. eat spicy food only.

Jawapan B

2. The phrase ‘staple food’ (line 5) means
A. main ingredient in a dish
B main food that a person eats
C food that is eaten by everyone
D food that is everyone’s favourite

Jawapan B

3. The main reason people take ‘nasi lemak’ for breakfast is that it
A has coconut milk in it
B has local ingredients
C is cooked with spices
D is simply delicious

Jawapan A

Read the passage below carefully. Then, answer the questions that follow. 

David, my son was born by emergency caesarean section in a hospital in Cambridge, England. The first thing I noticed when they pulled him into the world was a gaping black hole in the middle of his face. Strangely, I wasn’t shocked by his harelip. I was infatuated by the tiny life I held in my arms.

But things did not go well. David struggled to feed, he choked and slept a lot. I could no longer hide my fear I knew that he was ill. We were back in hospital before he was a month old. There we saw various specialists who meticulously catalogued a long list of abnormalities. After days of tests and consultations, the doctor told us among other things that David had holes in the heart, only one kidney, spinal abnormalities and the fibres connecting the two hemispheres of the brains were missing. The doctor said that David has to have open-heart surgery really soon.

His words sank in, but I had already made the decision. David was all right. “But he is so much more at ease away from here. We don’t want any more investigations. No more needles or tests unless you can prove they will improve his quality of life. We fly back to Nepal this Sunday.”

Back in Nepal, the peace and pace was healing for all of us, and David’s tube stayed in less and less. He seemed to be doing so well that we decided to take a break and head into the mountains. We flew to Pokhara and we walked north towards the grand Annapura, through the deepest gorge in the world. At a height of 2807m above sea level, we were short of breath but the holes in David’s heart had stimulated him to produce more red blood cells to cope in the thin mountain air.

When David was five months old, we took him back to the Cambridge hospital. The clinical staffs were amazed at how well David had done. They were astonished that his growing heart had repaired the holes. He no longer needed the medicines – and he never had that open heart surgery.

Adapted from an article “Mountain Baby” in the Guardian by Dr. Jane Wilson Howarth

1.When David was born, what did the writer notice about the baby?
A. The baby had tiny arms
B. There was a hole in the middle of his face
C. The baby choked and slept a lot
D. He had holes in the heart

Jawapan B

2.How did the parents know that David was ill?
David had only one kidney and sprinal abnormalities
David strussled to feed, choked anda slept a lot
The parents could o longer hide their fear
David had a hole in the middle of his face

Jawapan B

3.There a lot of problems with David’s health. Name two of them
A. spinal abnormalities and kidney stones
B. Heart failure and spinal cord injuries
C. The fibers connecting the two hemispheres of the brains were missing
D. Holes in the heart and single kidney

Jawapan D

4. What was the doctor’s decision after checking David’s condition ?
A. The doctor wanted to run more tests and investigations on David
B. David had to undergo a surgery almost immediately
C. David and his family were to fly back to Nepal
D. David had holes in the heart, only one kidney, spinal abnormalities and the fibres connecting the two hemispheres of the brains were missing

Jawapan C

[Penafian] Kami tiada kaitan dengan pihak SPA. Contoh soalan di atas BUKAN SOALAN RAMALAN. Ianya  soalan latih tubi sebagai persediaan untuk duduki peperiksaan online SPA.

Setiap Tahun Ramai Calon Gagal Peperiksaan SPA. Kenapa?

1. Tak Tahu Format
Ini yang biasa berlaku. Bila calon tidak tahu format, calon tidak dapat buat persediaan awal dan rapi.  

2. Tak Cukup MASA Kalau persediaan tidak cukup memang akan ambil masa lama untuk jawab exam sebab kena fikir banyak benda! Tapi kalau persediaan “cun”, no problem!  

3. Tak Terkejar! Nak buat persediaan tapi tak tahu nak mula kat mana. Tau-tau esok dah exam. Memang Kelam kabut la. Tak terkejai.

4. Silap Persediaan
Dah studi tapi terkeluar dari skop! Membuta tuli. Patut fokus apa yang berkaitan ja. Bukan perlu studi dan hafal semua perlembagaan Malaysia!

Sebab itu untuk persediaan awal, calon-calon memerlukan Contoh Soalan Peperiksaan sebagai rujukan dan latih tubi sebelum menghadapi peperiksaan.

Nak Lebih Banyak Contoh Soalan Kefahaman Bahasa Inggeris Peperiksaan Pembantu Keselamatan KP19

Kami bersama-sama Tim Infokerjaya menyediakan satu rujukan Seksyen bagi membantu calon membuat persediaan. Sekiranya anda merupakan calon peperiksaan Pembantu Keselamatan KP19 , kami mencadangkan anda untuk dapatkan Rujukan Seksyen Extra ini iaitu:

i. Rujukan Daya Menyelesaikan Masalah ( Nota dan Formula Matematik, 70 contoh soalan, Jawapan & jalan kira)

ii. Rujukan Kefahaman Bahasa Inggeris (Nota Grammar, 65 contoh soalan dan jawapan)

Rujukan dalam bentuk EBOOK yang dihantar ke email dengan pantas selepas tempahan disemak.

Kami bersama Tim Infokerjaya telah membantu lebih berpuluh ribu calon sejak tahun 2008 lagi.

Berikut merupakan beberapa testimoni calon yang telah berjaya lulus dengan bantuan rujukan Lengkap yang telah disediakan oleh Tim Infokerjaya. Jangan berlengah lagi untuk dapatkan rujukan lengkap nota dan contoh soalan bagi menjimatkan masa anda mengulangkaji sebelum peperiksaan di jalankan.

rujukan peperiksaan spa
rujukan peperiksaan spa
rujukan peperiksaan spa
rujukan peperiksaan spa
Contoh Soalan peperiksaan SPA Pendaftaran KP19

Berdasarkan testimoni daripada calon-calon yang pernah dapatkan panduan peperiksaan jawatan SPA sebelum ini, jelas menunjukkan ramai yang berpuas hati dan ianya banyak membantu calon dalam membuat persediaan sebelum peperiksaan dijalankan.

Dapatkan Rujukan Pembantu Keselamatan KP19 [KLIK SINI]

Jika ada sebarang pertanyaan ,boleh whatsapp admin dengan terus tekan link dibawah ye

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Semoga bermanfaat. Selamat berjaya


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